The unique foliage and flowers of the native plants where I live are a source of constant inspiration for my work. Having grown up in a rural area close to bushland, the need to use these plants as motifs in my work has long been ingrained in my entire artistic practice. I love to make jewellery that reminds the wearer of the importance to connect with nature and the fragility of our biodiversity.

Creativity was nurtured throughout my childhood and I think I was always destined to do something artistic or using my hands in some way. Hours were spent with my dad working on furniture and finding bits and pieces on our farm, turning them in to little ornaments and animals by hammering seed pods and found objects together.

I create a number of different ranges, allowing me to explore varying ideas, meanings and techniques. Limited edition and commissions, exhibition work and production ranges encompass my broad jewellery practice.

My exhibition work is where I fulfill a desire to create jewellery as Art; one off pieces that explore my love of our native plants and the themes of our impact on the natural landscape (such as urban sprawl and bushfires).

A wide variety of techniques and skills are used to create the jewellery, paying particular attention to surface decoration, achieved through embossing, etching and the lamination of 24ct gold on to fine silver (the ancient Korean technique of Keum Boo).

The production range of “The Estella Collection” is where I embrace a playful side to my jewellery practice. Using bright colour, mixing and matching shapes I create pieces that are fun and fashionable to wear, allowing the wearer to feel happy and joyous every time they put a piece of this jewellery on!

“I remember my first pair of Robin Wells earrings, bought many years ago now, still beautiful and quintessentially West Australian. I love their uniqueness and the story I have to tell about each pair I own, where and when and how I got them. Robin is passionate about her craft and her love of Australian flora and fauna shines through every piece of handcrafted jewellery she has created. “ Dayna, Perth