Creative Friendships

Creative Friendships

Posted by Robin Wells on 16th Oct 2018

It's funny how life works sometimes! 11 years ago our family moved back to our home town of Perth after 14 years in Melbourne. We moved to the gorgeous suburb of Kensington, just 3kms from the city centre.

It's turned out to be the best decision, as it's where I met my two wonderful creative friends, Tanya and Melanie. Through the connections of our children we got to know each other, but connected on a deeper level because of our creative business pursuits.

Tanya Cain Abbs creates beautiful hand printed and dyed napery and textiles products under the label of OLD GREY HOUSE . Melanie Sharpham designs and makes exquisite porcelain tableware as EUCALYPT HOMEWARES .

We all share a love of the natural environment and draw inspiration for our work from the native foliage and flowers of Western Australia.

Some 8 years ago we began a little collaboration that brought us together for open studio events and Christmas markets. We named our group of 3 clay cloth metal. Even though we have independent businesses, it's been a wonderful way to come together to share our creativity and friendship, bringing us out of our studios to work collectively together for select events.

At the start of this year Tanya and I sadly said goodbye to our friend Melanie, as she and her family moved to Melbourne. We wondered if there would be another clay cloth metal. event.

Applications for The Finders Keepers Market in Melbourne came up, so we thought we'd apply for a stall together. It's such a competitive market to get in to, so we were so excited when we found out we got in!

Now clay cloth metal. will be together again for this 3 day event. I'm so looking forward to working with my two friends again, starting with the chaos that ensues beforehand when were working out our stall set up.

One thing is for sure, there will be plenty of laughs, fun, friendship, sharing ideas, food and of course some good wine!

clay cloth metal

clay cloth metal. @The Finders Keepers Markets