Lost an earring lately?

With autumn here and winter approaching, you might be starting to add a scarf or jacket to your outfits. I know I'm feeling the mornings really cooling down lately!

Beware; the scarves and jackets we love sometimes contribute to increased earring loss by pushing up an earring hook out of your ear.
It can be so frustrating when you lose an earring, so here are a few things you can do.

Double leaf drop earrings 2

Put small butterfly clips
on ear wires to keep them safe

Fanned leaf earrings

Change your standard shepherds
hooks with a finding like these.

They will clip at the back to keep your

earring secure.

I can change these over for you!

(ct and silver leaf imprint earrings

Place small plastic stoppers

on hooks to stop them coming
out of your ears

So, what to do if you've already lost that favourite earring?

Please get in touch with me! If it's one of my designs, then chances are I can match it up for you at 50% of the price for the pair. Current designs and colours are easily matched. If it's an old design I may still have the odd few around, but if the match up isn't possible, then you might like me to convert the earring to a pendant!
If the earring is a sterling silver or gold one of a kind, then please get in touch and I can give you a quote.

Would you like a pair of plastic earring stoppers or sterling silver butterflies to keep your earrings in your ears?

Join my RWJ VIP insiders club, pop me an email with your address and a photo of your earrings and I'll send you a complimentary set.

Look forward to hearing from you!

X Robin