RWJ donates to Bushfire Emergency

by Robin Wells

I’ve been devastated watching the fires burn across Australia and witness the damage caused to so many Communities, land and precious National Parks.

It has been so heartening to see Australians rallying to help each other and the amazing initiatives and fundraisers 

happening to support those affected by the fires.

For my part, besides personal donations to Red Cross, I’ve decided to give 50% of all online sales until Wednesday

February 5th.

* Money raised will go to WWF’s Australian Wildlife and Nature Recovery Fund.

You can find more out about the Fund here

Most of my collections are inspired by our natural environment, along with the unique native plants and wildflowers. 

One collection in particular that is dear to my heart is the “Fragile Flight” collection. 

A number of the designs are based around endangered birds and plants, inspired by the fragility of existence

for many of our native species, it seems to resonate more than ever with over 1 billion animals perishing in the fires.

If you are in a position to, you may like to donate directly to some of the causes I’ve listed below.

There are other things we can do though, besides donating funds, I saw these words below on Facebook recently

and thought I'd share them with you.

“I want you to do just one simple thing. When these fires have stopped, and the towns impacted are safe and trying to regain some sense of ‘normal’, I want you to plan a road trip.

Go with empty eskies, empty cars and low fuel. Go, spend your money, stay in their hotels, buy from their shops, camp at their camp grounds, buy their gifts, buy their fuel, buy bread and milk. Beyond rebuilding, they need continued and long term support to get back on their feet and your empty esky makes more of a difference than you could ever imagine"

Tegan Weber

* UPDATE: We raised $500 to donate to WWF! Thank you so much for your support