Valentine's day: 10 small ways to show you care

You may not celebrate Valentine's day, but why not take the opportunity to show how much you care for your loved ones a little bit more than normal on the 14th February. There's so many things we can do that don't cost any thing at all, just a little bit of thought and imagination.

Enjoy the day and spread your love beyond it too!

1. Make breakfast and spend a bit longer together before rushing out the door

2. Do your loved ones least favourite chores without saying anything

3. Spend some time together doing something you both love

4. Phone, instead of text to actually tell them how much they mean to you

5. Cook their favourite meal, or cook together

6. Write a love note and leave it somewhere they'll find it by surprise

7. Read them a story or poem

8. Phone a friend who you haven't spoken to in a while to tell them you're thinking of them

9. Just spend some quality time together without your phones

10. Make a playlist of their favourite songs