I never could have imagined that the hours tinkering and creating alongside my dad in his workshop; making little objects from found bits and pieces, would manifest itself years later as a passion for making jewellery.

These memories and experiences became so precious to me as sadly my dad passed away when I was 11 years old.

I began on a creative path as a career when I studied to become a specialist Art teacher. In my first year I had electives in jewellery and after working with metal for the first time and turning my ideas into a 3- dimensional piece of artwork, I was hooked! I changed my degree to focus solely on Jewellery, Metalsmithing and 3D design.

After graduating, the reality set in. How was I going to support myself while following my passion for designing, making and selling jewellery?

Fortunately,  I got a huge break when I graduated and a local arts organisation sponsored me for a designer, maker and marketing project. This launched me into a number of galleries, where I immediately began selling my work.

Growing  up in a rural area, close to bushland, the need to use motifs inspired by iconic Australian native plants has long been ingrained in my entire artistic practice.

I love making jewellery that reminds the wearer of the importance to connect with nature and highlight the fragility of our biodiversity.

I’m lucky enough to work from my studio, looking out onto a garden of beautiful Australian native plants that attract bees and birds alike. A constant too, is the endangered Carnaby’s Black Cockatoos flying overhead.

I divide my time between making collections of finely detailed jewellery, in light weight powdercoated stainless steel, to limited editions and one of a kind exhibition work. The design aesthetic and inspiration links the varied jewellery forms together, creating a range of beautiful dress up and down options with real meaning you'll love to wear, give, collect and cherish

“Robin’s work is an exploration of materials and techniques that reflect her passion for the Australian native foliage and flowers. It is a theme visited by many great Australian jewellers in the past but Robin brings a refreshing modern slant in her creations.”

Nola, Perth

Robin Wells Jewellery gives back by donating to the following organizations:

  • Birdlife Australia

  • Australian Wildlife Conservancy

  • UNHCR 

 “I remember my first pair of Robin Wells earrings, bought many years ago now, still beautiful and quintessentially West Australian. I love their uniqueness and the story I have to tell about each pair I own, where and when and how I got them. Robin is passionate about her craft and her love of Australian flora and fauna shines through every piece of handcrafted jewellery she has created. “

Dayna, Perth


 Mr Rabbit, circa 1977. I still have such strong memories making this with my dad, and Mr. Rabbit is still around, a cherished object in my mum’s collection. (maybe looking a little worse for wear after 42 years!)