Customer Spotlight: Super-fan Susan

One of the absolute best parts of my job is meeting my customers. It doesn’t matter if

I’m at Perth Upmarket, a Clay Cloth Metal, exhibition or ONLINE, it’s always a

pleasure having a chat with people and helping them choose a design that’s just right

for them.

Over the years, I’ve been lucky enough to meet many lovely ladies (and blokes!) who have become

regular buyers of my jewellery pieces.

But there are few that come close to Susan!

Steel Bird and branch earrings    Steel bird and branch earrings

Susan rocking my Bird & Branch layered steel earrings!

To date Susan has purchased fifteen pairs of my earrings - something that I’m so

honoured by! Her first pair was from the Christmas Bazaar at the Fremantle Art Centre,

and she’s been visiting me at various exhibitions and markets around Perth ever since.

Susan keeps all the earrings she’s bought from me on a cute earring stand, and

chooses a different pair every day to match her outfit.


L. Susan’s earring stand featuring my jewellery! R. Wearing the first earrings she bought from me -

the purple peacocks

Over the years, Susan & I have kept in regular contact and become friends. She’s such

a lovely lady, and I always enjoy catching up with her at markets & events. I’ll often get

texts from her with photos of where she’s spotted my jewellery when she’s out and

about travelling Western Australia and beyond!

So I had to know - what is it about my earrings that keeps her coming back for more?

“They’re just so easy to wear. So comfortable & light, and the colors are amazing,” says


“All of my other jewellery is just away now. I only have my Robin Wells jewellery out."

 “Whenever I wear your jewellery, I get so many comments. Especially the purple

peacocks - they always get comments"

Susan tells me she has also gifted many earrings and my Christmas decorations to special friends who appreciate and love the amazing flora and fauna of Western Australia.

Like me, Susan is passionate about Western Australia’s native flora & fauna, and especially loves Rottnest Island. She is one of the volunteers at the RIA nursery where they collect, treat, store and propagate cuttings and seedling species that are native to Rottnest Island.

She is also one of the guides from the Rottnest Voluntary Guides Association, who promote awareness of ‘Rotto’s’ incredible natural environment and history. You might see them all wearing the bright yellow shirts every day of the year, except Christmas Day!! I have a huge amount of respect for her important work.

As if that’s not enough, she also volunteers her time as a practice patient in the medical exams for student doctors at Notre Dame University where she studied years ago. Susan has now retired from her career as a counsellor at a residential drug and alcohol treatment centre - another worthy role in our community!

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Facet feather earrings on sale    Facet feather earrings on sale

Susan at Perth Upmarket with the yellow facet earrings, perfectly matching....there's still a few last pairs of this design left in other colours